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Your personal 10 point plan for discovering your passion and jump starting your goals

Yes, it's on Amazon, but how did it get there? Might it never have made it to the keyboard, to the editor, to the internet and to someone reading it on the train, or on their bedside table? But what are the ingredients, the recipe for success, so to speak, for ANY goal, which is a desire or an idea put to paper. Here I suggest 10 points for discussion with your favourite people on how to meet your goals, fly over the hurdles, water jumps and swerve stylishly around the roadblocks on your 'journey'.

  1. Go for a swim, a walk or sit in your favourite place and start communicating with yourself. Don’t take any notice of people giving you funny looks. Do you have a gut sense of what rocks your boat, what fascinates you, what you would do for free, talk about endlessly forever, even if the sky was falling in on you? If YES, go to step 2. If not just keep talking to yourself, have a nap, cup of tea, a sandwich, repeat step 1.

  2. Talk about your favourite subject with whoever will listen to you (that includes your pets, the birds on the trees). Does it excite them and you? Can you sense the energy in the room, garden, beach etc wherever you happen to be?

  3. Are still 100% motivated, geed up, even after this discussion, when your friends and family have changed the subject, your pets have fallen asleep and the birds have flown away? Have you got so many more ideas that you can't wait to get going? If the answer is a big fat YES, you are onto something! Move onto step 4 or hurry back to number 1.

  4. Ok, you come against someone who says, ‘keep going with the day job’, ‘just tie yourself to the hamster wheel of life’, ‘don’t bother with this dreaming lark’, ‘stop wasting yours and everyone else’s precious TV time’, etc etc. Do you believe them after a couple of panicky moments? No? That's the spirit, keep going and don’t look back (well, maybe sometimes)!

  5. Have you got someone out there in the world who inspires you every time they open their mouth, you see them on TV, in a magazine, Twitter, on YouTube? Find that person, then follow them (no I don’t mean stalk them). And then just feed off their energy, wisdom and charisma. Don’t be afraid to ask anyone for advice or feedback on what you’re doing. Smile and learn, read something new every day.

  6. Oh yes, the important thing, start believing in yourself, that YOU can do IT. Whatever the IT may be. If you don’t then no one else will, why should they? Get going, then FOCUS. Yes, the 5-letter superword is FOCUS, everybody, without that it's going to take you a bit longer than you had planned to reach that big shiny goal.

  7. Ok, we've got to lucky number 7, so I’m just checking that you are still with me, haven't nodded off, gone out etc, so can you give me a big WHOOP. Hurrah, you’re still there, I hear you, so let's keep going…

  8. Next thing is to find the back of an envelope, Christmas/ Birthday cards, credit card bill, serviette, email etc. Straightaway write down the next three steps, no matter how small, you know you can easily do in the next 72 hours you want to do, when and where. That's the magic of 3 days folks if you are having problems counting, before you forget all about it, to get this lovely, big juicy goal started. The stick your goals, where you can’t miss them, i.e. on the fridge, front door, steering wheel, laptop, so they smile at you every day. Keep a pen and paper on you at all time, this is YOUR secret weapon, to write down the next big ideas as they come to you, about YOUR next steps.

  9. OK, you have that sense of achievement; you have written these three sentences, collapsed after those three pushups, mumbled three words in another language, walked three times round the garden supervised by your pet cat, dog etc. YAY, WELL DONE YOU! WOW, that is just the best thing and major progress, since most people don’t get that far!

  10. So, number 10 is easy. Just repeat numbers 7-10, whilst listening to your favourite music, until you reach your goal and then celebrate as only you know how. Or if you have changed your mind, and found something more exciting to do, rush to number 1 again! And yes, I should have been doing something else when I wrote this…

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